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At Its green chip core ensuring you are odor and bacteria-free, fresh and dry.

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The Next Generation nanotechnology sanitary pads

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*PECTIV sanitary Pads is the brainchild of Lenizer, It’s equipped with An innovative chip with active elements including Nano silver and Dynamic Anion.

Why Pectiv
  • INNOVATION.our pads are based on innovative nano-technology to keep bacteria, bad odour, irritations, allergies, itching and any other skin sensitivity related issue away.

  • GENTLE PROTECTION.While most sanitary pads in the market are only efficient at absorbing by using 4 layers, our Pectiv pads contain 8 layers – making sure the women safe from leaks, stains, spills and odours even on her busiest days.

  • UNPARALLED SUPPORT.While the capacity of absorption of a traditional pad is limited to 40ml, our pads can hold up to 200ml, being crafted from a high-grade Super Absorbent Polymer.

  • SAFETY, SOFTNESS & COMFORT.If you’d rather stay away from pads due to their usual rough surface, you will love our pads made from the softest non-toxic and safe material, created precisely to be as gentle as possible with your skin.

  • BREATHABILITY. Our ultra-thin pads are equipped with a high-tech breathable layer, designed to allow free air flow for the sake of optimal oxygenation. You will always feel dry and clean!

Feature Regular Pad PECTIV
Usage For Absorption For (Absorption + Protection)
Layers 4 8 Protective layers
Absorbency 40 ml 120 ml
Technology Conventional Nano technology
Certificates Nil FDA approval, CE Mark
Raw materials Recycled paper with huge amount of chemicals High quality material that is safe and hygienic.
Absorption Layer Recycled Paper or Cotton High grade SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer)
Bottom Layer Non-Breathable High tech breathable layer
Side leakage Leaks No leakage or re-wetting
Thickness Moderate - Thin Ultra-thin
Base Sticker Industrial gum Food-grade high quality gum
Package Plastic or paper package A hygienic and re-sealable aluminum package for protection against bacteria, fungus and moisture.

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